Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

A very popular term "An apple a day keeps doctor away" is becoming wrong, because our food does not provide full nutrition to our body that we need in daily diet. According to research , protein decreasing in pulses and eggs. Carbohydrate decreasing inside the wheat and fibre is decreasing in fruits.

Why this is harmful ?
Because people are using pesticides on crops to get more growth in short time . They do not test soil of their agriculture land. Moreover, some people are using wax to provide artifical shine to fruits and vegetables. Which is very harmful for our health. They grow same crop in same field. Which affect to soil and crops provide less growth.


Our Daily Need
Within a healthy, balance diet, a men needs around 2320 calories and women needs around 1935 calories a day to maintain his weight.

A men needs 60 grams protein, 600 milligram calcium and 17 milligrams iron in their daily diet and women needs 55 grams protein, 600 miligrams calcium and 21 milligrams iron to maintain their body.

How to Balance your Diet ?
Don't depend on pulses for protein and add cheese, fruits and poha to fulfill their body protein.

If you are suffering from hair lose and your face is taking yellow colour. Furthermore, you are facing nails problems and feeling too much weakness , then you can use multi-vitamin in your diet.

So be careful about your health.

Walk is a very simple exercise, every aged people can do it. It helps to lose weight and provide fresh air to our lungs. Our mind be more active. Moreover, walk makes our bone strong and improve blood circulation. We can protect yourself from several diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.

When you do walk then keep your age and other disease in your mind. If you are suffering from heart problem then do walk slowly. You can take rest between their walk and start again. Furthermore, people who want to lose their weight, they can do brisk walk and jogging. It burns your more calories.

Walk do almost morning time. Because on that time environment is fresh and peaceful. Give preference to do walk in parks and open air place where pollution is not available . It helps to provide peace of mind as well as strength to our body.

Avoid gossip on mobile and direct with person on walk time. Moreover, when you start gossip on walk time then you feel tired early. If you are body is weak then avoid long walk. They can do walk 10 minutes atleast 3 times a day. Drink water before go to walk and take rest after walk and then drink water.

So do walk and stay fit


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