Belgrade City ( Serbia )

Belgarde is a very famous city of serbia. Where you can see national theatre and museums.You can enjoy coffee on shops which is almost available on every corner of belgrade city. Local people like coffee too much and first coffee shop was built in 1522. Moreover, you can enjoy cheapest cappuccino here.Belgrade is a developing city and known as big buildings and old forts.Weather is amazing and people enjoy their life in this city.
Ala France Monument
Here you can see a ala france monument which is built to remember contribution of france and helped in first world war against greece.Furthermore,big army tank which are part of wars are situated outside the forts.

Belgrade is best place to know roman culture and history. Here wall and tunnels provide information about roman rule. A sea shore touch with beautiful fort.

  • All tunnels were used to store food in previous time .
  • Because temperature is very low inside the tunnels.
Roman monuments are describe old architecture and differnent cultures of differnent rulers. In addition, there are many parks make to belgarde beautiful and stunning .One artifical lake inside the park is big entertainment source to do water sports.

Nikola Tesla Museum
Nikola tesla was a serbian-american inventor , here you can see museum of nicola tesla which is dedicate to tesla. Tourists can see tesla transformer and other innovation of tesla here.

Rakia Bar
Rakia bar is famous for its traditional drinks which are made by fruits such as grapes and other flavours. Some drinks are provide 45% alcohol inside so be careful.Here is a custom to eat snack with their drinkis very popular.


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