Palampur - Famous Tourist Place in Himachal Pradesh (India)

Palampur is one of the main tourist destinations of the Himachal Pradesh state, which is surrounded by pine forests and tea gardens and several rivers flow in the city of Palampur, and this city is also known for its wonderful confluence of water and greenery. Palampur situated among the Majestic Dhauladhar ranges and it is famous for its tea gardens and good quality of tea around the world. Palampur was first seen by the British.

If you are going to Himachal Pradesh then do not forget to visit Palampur. If you are planning to travel to Palampur, then read this article, here we are providing information to visit Palampur and its tourist destinations.

Palampur is derived from its name, Pulam, which means abundant water. Palampur was a part of the local Sikh state and later it came under British rule. The British government converted it into a trade and commerce center.
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Palampur is a small hill town situated a few miles away from Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, which is famous for its spectacular views of Dhauladhar mountains. Palampur is known as the northern tea gardens, where tourists can see the green fields of tea plantations, which fill the atmosphere with its freshness. Apart from this, Gopalpur Zoo is the most famous place of Palampur, which is located on Dharamshala-Palampur road. With the beauty of flora and fauna found in the zoo, the snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges also offer beauty to this place.

Tourism is gradually increasing in Palampur and there are many options available for eating. Here hilly and jain food is well available. In many restaurants here, North Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes are served. Apart from these, Palampur promotes the elements and tastes of local dishes. Popular local dishes include the names of Seepu Wadi, Bhatura, Chana Madera, Trout Fish, Sweet Rice, Pattande, Momos, Kadu Sour, Chicken Pomegranate, Noodles.

Palampur is situated between mountains and forests, where there is pleasant weather throughout the year. Here the heat grows only up to 30 degrees. While there is a slight rain in the monsoon, the temperature falls below zero to the sub-zero level during winter. So if you want to travel to Palampur then tell that the best time to visit here is at the beginning of the summer season between March and June. In early winter from September to November also have a pleasant time for travel. Winter is getting started in Palampur, but if you are looking for adventure, then this time it is absolutely right for travel.

Kareri Lake is a shallow and fresh water lake located in the Dauladhar range, about 9 km northwest of Dharamsala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, whose surface is 2934 meters above sea level. In addition to being a major tourist destination, Kareli Lake is also a very popular trekking spot in the Dauladhar Range. Water is found in this lake by melting snow and it is a lake kaif shallow, the water visibility is very high. Most backpackers traveling to Himachal Pradesh come to Triand or Indhara for circuit training, this is a small trek for Karari Lake which gives a great and quiet experience.

The Brajeshwari temple is one of the main temples of Kangra. This temple is one of the most influential tourists and spiritually enlightened places. This temple has been included in the major temples of Kangra.

Kangra Fort is situated on the outskirts of Kangra city of Himachal Pradesh, India, 20 kilometers from the city of Dharamshala. This fort is a great witness to the magnificence, aggression, war, wealth and development of its thousands of years. This powerful fort tells the origin of the Thrength kingdom which is mentioned in the Mahabharata epic. Explain that this fort is the largest and perhaps the oldest fort in the Himalayas, which is situated on the lower valley of Beas and its tributaries.

Dhauladhar Range Trek is one of the most attractive tracks near Kangra. Dhauladhar peak is visible in the entire high trek of Kangra. This trek covers north of Kangra and the southern outskirts of the Himalayas. If you travel to Kangra, go for trekking on this trek as this trek will provide you with many sophisticated views.

Mcleodganj is a major hill station located in Dharamsala near Himachal Pradesh, which is very popular among trekkers. The culture here is a beautiful mixture of Tibetan culture with some British influence. MacLoadGanj is also known as Little Lhasa. McLonggun is a beautiful city famous for being the home of Tibetan spiritual master Dalai Lama, which is located near the upper Dharmsala. Between the majestic hills and the greenery, MacLonganj is culturally blessed with a major Tibetan influence, the main reason being the settlements of Tibetans here.

Kangra Museum tells the wonderful miracles of Tibetan and Buddhist artwork and their rich history. It is located near the bus station of Dharamsala. In this museum you can see things like old jewels, rare coins, memorabilia, painting, sculptures and earthenware.

The nearest Broad Gauge railway station of Palampur is at Pathankot, which is 120 km away from Palampur and the nearest narrow narrow railway station is at Maaronda, which is 5 km away. Bus and taxi are easily available in the tourist spots here.

If you want to go to Palampur by air, then it is the nearest airport to Gaggal Airport. Which is located 25 km from Palampur city. Gaggal Airport Airport is well-connected with most of the country's airports. From the airport you can take help of autorickshaws, buses, and taxis to go to Kangra. You will take 1 hour to travel from Gaggal to Palampur through road.


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