Stop Bullying

Bullying is known as ragging in some countries. It have became numerous problem for all nations and worldwide. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among college aged children that use their power with wrong way. Bullying is where senior students making threat, spreading rumors and attacking junior students physically and verbally.

Mostly bullying do by group of senior on individual students. They forcely ask to students to do funny and other shameful activities.

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What are the consequences of bullying ?
Sometimes bullying increases on higher level then some students commit suicide. It also affects student reputation and kids feel very weak against others.

"Kids come under depression and stress to become part of bullying."

How to stop it ?
Bullying is illegal but it is doing in worldwide institution. College can stop bullying in hostel to make strong law such as restigate student who involve in bullying.

  • Junior student should be strong mentally and chase senior. They can complaint their staff members about it.
  • College authorities attach banner on campus walls about prohibited bullying .
Students and parents role against bullying.
Children can focus on their curriculum activities along with their juniors instead of bullying . It will be useful for both juniors and seniors all of them . It will create friendly atmosphere and no harm to any life.

Parents can help their children to provide law information against bullying. If authorities and children take beneficial step against bullying then we can save several victims of bullying .


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