Rainwater Harvesting

As we all know, this is a monsoon season. Time of the year when we receive most of the rain. Monsoon season usually starts in the mid of June and stays till august. But if a place receives rain more than an average scale it suffers from floods. If rain water is used properly we can avoid floods and wastage of water. Rain water is very important to get rid of drought conditions.

rain water harvesting
Harvesting rainwater and Water Catchment System
Rainwater harvesting and other water related issues have become debatable issue today. Moreover, we cannot provide fresh water to next generation, if water wastage is not controlled. Therefore, people can do rainwater harvesting and use this water for gardens, home purposes and wild life.

Rainwater System
Rain water can be used for 70% of household such as garden, toilet flushing, laundry and car washing. Also rain water is very useful for agriculture and barren lands. Rain water contains vitamin b12 in it and we can use it after boiling.

Rainwater harvesting tanks
We can collect rain water in tanks and containers for further use and save water.

Rain Barrel and Rain Barrel System
People can store rain water ,where rain directly hit such as roof , terrace and paved area or courtyard of a building. We can use pipes to attach roof with water tanks. We can use household things and yard products to collect rain water.

Rainwater Collection and Rainwater Collection System
Rain water can be stored in swimming pools and pots and this water can be used for watering plants and gardens. Use new styled barrels with covers to keep mosquitoes, animals away. People can do these things to keep rainwater.

Rainwater Gardens
People can create artificial gardens in landscape, which protects from storm water and floods. Storm water run off increases urban flooding and erodes the banks of rivers and streams. Urban runoff also carries many pollutants into rivers and streams. Rainwater gardens as a approach of rainwater harvesting that can prevent from floods, soil erosion and stormwater problems. Rain gardens are not ponds. They planted with native vegetation.

Public Water System
Water produced by public water system is chemically and biologically safe to drink. It provide safe drinking water and can developed by authorities.

Make your own Rain Chain
Rain chains provide stunning look to gardens and simple to make requiring few tools and materials, but also a more attractive alternative to standard polyvinyl chloride pipe downspouts. This is environment friendly and avoid the runoff by transporting rainwater from the collecting pipe downwards.

A Reservoir for Rain
You can store rain water in tanks which attach with rooftop. This water can be filtered to purify the larger particles before being stored in rainwater harvest tank. This water can as washing cars and watering

Use Rain Saucers
Rain saucers from a great free standing rain collecting system which fill up surprisingly fast. Looking like an upside down umbrella, the rain saucer unfolds to form a funnel which fills the containers with rainwater.


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