Wednesday, 26 July 2017

As we all know, this is a monsoon season. Time of the year when we receive most of the rain. Monsoon season usually starts in the mid of June and stays till august. But if a place receives rain more than an average scale it suffers from floods. If rain water is used properly we can avoid floods and wastage of water. Rain water is very important to get rid of drought conditions.

rain water harvesting
Harvesting rainwater and Water Catchment System
Rainwater harvesting and other water related issues have become debatable issue today. Moreover, we cannot provide fresh water to next generation, if water wastage is not controlled. Therefore, people can do rainwater harvesting and use this water for gardens, home purposes and wild life.

Rainwater System
Rain water can be used for 70% of household such as garden, toilet flushing, laundry and car washing. Also rain water is very useful for agriculture and barren lands. Rain water contains vitamin b12 in it and we can use it after boiling.

Rainwater harvesting tanks
We can collect rain water in tanks and containers for further use and save water.

Rain Barrel and Rain Barrel System
People can store rain water ,where rain directly hit such as roof , terrace and paved area or courtyard of a building. We can use pipes to attach roof with water tanks. We can use household things and yard products to collect rain water.

Rainwater Collection and Rainwater Collection System
Rain water can be stored in swimming pools and pots and this water can be used for watering plants and gardens. Use new styled barrels with covers to keep mosquitoes, animals away. People can do these things to keep rainwater.

Rainwater Gardens
People can create artificial gardens in landscape, which protects from storm water and floods. Storm water run off increases urban flooding and erodes the banks of rivers and streams. Urban runoff also carries many pollutants into rivers and streams. Rainwater gardens as a approach of rainwater harvesting that can prevent from floods, soil erosion and stormwater problems. Rain gardens are not ponds. They planted with native vegetation.

Public Water System
Water produced by public water system is chemically and biologically safe to drink. It provide safe drinking water and can developed by authorities.

Make your own Rain Chain
Rain chains provide stunning look to gardens and simple to make requiring few tools and materials, but also a more attractive alternative to standard polyvinyl chloride pipe downspouts. This is environment friendly and avoid the runoff by transporting rainwater from the collecting pipe downwards.

A Reservoir for Rain
You can store rain water in tanks which attach with rooftop. This water can be filtered to purify the larger particles before being stored in rainwater harvest tank. This water can as washing cars and watering

Use Rain Saucers
Rain saucers from a great free standing rain collecting system which fill up surprisingly fast. Looking like an upside down umbrella, the rain saucer unfolds to form a funnel which fills the containers with rainwater.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Flowers make your life colourful and beautiful. They provide smell as well as happiness on particular occassions such as wedding, anniversaries and birthday parties. We cannot decorate my place without useful flowers and its themes. So, overall they play amazing role in our life.

Moreover, flowers express our feelings and provide happiness. Can you imagine how your life without flowers and its smell. If you have visited    to singapore then you know deffinately what flowers play role in our life. All road and other places are decorated with mass of flowers in singapore.


You have decorated your home with natural and artifical flower pots. Furthermore, rose flower is known as beautiful flower and its fragrance. Worldwide perfumes make with combinations of flowers and privode beautiful smell.

There are several flowers in whole world and use for medicine and treatment purpose. Some flowers are using for making cooking oil such flower are mustdard and sunflower.

So don't pluck flowers and its beauty.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

A very popular term "An apple a day keeps doctor away" is becoming wrong, because our food does not provide full nutrition to our body that we need in daily diet. According to research , protein decreasing in pulses and eggs. Carbohydrate decreasing inside the wheat and fibre is decreasing in fruits.

Why this is harmful ?
Because people are using pesticides on crops to get more growth in short time . They do not test soil of their agriculture land. Moreover, some people are using wax to provide artifical shine to fruits and vegetables. Which is very harmful for our health. They grow same crop in same field. Which affect to soil and crops provide less growth.


Our Daily Need
Within a healthy, balance diet, a men needs around 2320 calories and women needs around 1935 calories a day to maintain his weight.

A men needs 60 grams protein, 600 milligram calcium and 17 milligrams iron in their daily diet and women needs 55 grams protein, 600 miligrams calcium and 21 milligrams iron to maintain their body.

How to Balance your Diet ?
Don't depend on pulses for protein and add cheese, fruits and poha to fulfill their body protein.

If you are suffering from hair lose and your face is taking yellow colour. Furthermore, you are facing nails problems and feeling too much weakness , then you can use multi-vitamin in your diet.

So be careful about your health.

Walk is a very simple exercise, every aged people can do it. It helps to lose weight and provide fresh air to our lungs. Our mind be more active. Moreover, walk makes our bone strong and improve blood circulation. We can protect yourself from several diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.

When you do walk then keep your age and other disease in your mind. If you are suffering from heart problem then do walk slowly. You can take rest between their walk and start again. Furthermore, people who want to lose their weight, they can do brisk walk and jogging. It burns your more calories.

Walk do almost morning time. Because on that time environment is fresh and peaceful. Give preference to do walk in parks and open air place where pollution is not available . It helps to provide peace of mind as well as strength to our body.

Avoid gossip on mobile and direct with person on walk time. Moreover, when you start gossip on walk time then you feel tired early. If you are body is weak then avoid long walk. They can do walk 10 minutes atleast 3 times a day. Drink water before go to walk and take rest after walk and then drink water.

So do walk and stay fit

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Belgarde is a very famous city of serbia. Where you can see national theatre and museums.You can enjoy coffee on shops which is almost available on every corner of belgrade city. Local people like coffee too much and first coffee shop was built in 1522. Moreover, you can enjoy cheapest cappuccino here.Belgrade is a developing city and known as big buildings and old forts.Weather is amazing and people enjoy their life in this city.
Ala France Monument
Here you can see a ala france monument which is built to remember contribution of france and helped in first world war against greece.Furthermore,big army tank which are part of wars are situated outside the forts.

Belgrade is best place to know roman culture and history. Here wall and tunnels provide information about roman rule. A sea shore touch with beautiful fort.

  • All tunnels were used to store food in previous time .
  • Because temperature is very low inside the tunnels.
Roman monuments are describe old architecture and differnent cultures of differnent rulers. In addition, there are many parks make to belgarde beautiful and stunning .One artifical lake inside the park is big entertainment source to do water sports.

Nikola Tesla Museum
Nikola tesla was a serbian-american inventor , here you can see museum of nicola tesla which is dedicate to tesla. Tourists can see tesla transformer and other innovation of tesla here.

Rakia Bar
Rakia bar is famous for its traditional drinks which are made by fruits such as grapes and other flavours. Some drinks are provide 45% alcohol inside so be careful.Here is a custom to eat snack with their drinkis very popular.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Kandaghat is a small town and tehsil in the solan district of himachal pradesh (india). Which is situated on the kalka - shimla national highway. It is very famous place and road to the famous tourist destination of chail , sadhupul turns froms kandaghat. Chail and shimla are approximately 30 km away from kandaghat. Moreover, old palace of maharaja of patiala  is also here.

Kalka- shimla toy train

You can enjoy ride on famous toy train from kalka to shimla. This train stop on kandaghat railway station. You can see amazing tunnel and creation behind this rail road.


Sadhupul is a small village in himachal pradesh between solan and chail located at the site of a small bridge constructed over the hill river ashwini.


Chail is well known for its  environment and tall trees. The chail palace was built as summer retreat by the maharaja of patiala during the british raj . Chail palace architecture is very stunning.

Mountain peak

Tourist can enjoy their walk on mountain peaks and see several birds and wild plants. Kandaghat is situated inside the mountain peaks.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

There are many fiesta known to the world and Albuquerque international balloon fiestas is one of those. This nine days event is based on Hot air balloon competition. It is very popular in U.S.A., and is held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This fiesta is one of the largest balloon fiesta in the world. In 1972, this fiesta started as a reason to celebrate 770 KOB radio's 50th birthday.

People not only from different cities of America such as Nevada, Arizona, Iowa, California ,Texas etc. come to participate in this fiesta but also from different countries like Canada, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, etc.

balloon fiesta
Helium Balloons
This championship was originally started by three men with only 13 balloons and now it has become an international fiesta where thousands of balloonists come to fly their different shaped colorful balloons. Moreover, it provides amazing experience to its spectators.

Every balloon in this fiesta looks different from other. The different shapes like soda cans, bank logos, milk cow, a wagon coach, twin bees, butterfly, cartoon characters like Micky mouse, Minnie mouse, superheroes like superman, spider man, batman etc.You can enjoy your visit to see cartoon shaped balloons and to see sky covered with vibrant balloons.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bullying is known as ragging in some countries. It have became numerous problem for all nations and worldwide. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among college aged children that use their power with wrong way. Bullying is where senior students making threat, spreading rumors and attacking junior students physically and verbally.

Mostly bullying do by group of senior on individual students. They forcely ask to students to do funny and other shameful activities.

worldwide issues
What are the consequences of bullying ?
Sometimes bullying increases on higher level then some students commit suicide. It also affects student reputation and kids feel very weak against others.

"Kids come under depression and stress to become part of bullying."

How to stop it ?
Bullying is illegal but it is doing in worldwide institution. College can stop bullying in hostel to make strong law such as restigate student who involve in bullying.

  • Junior student should be strong mentally and chase senior. They can complaint their staff members about it.
  • College authorities attach banner on campus walls about prohibited bullying .
Students and parents role against bullying.
Children can focus on their curriculum activities along with their juniors instead of bullying . It will be useful for both juniors and seniors all of them . It will create friendly atmosphere and no harm to any life.

Parents can help their children to provide law information against bullying. If authorities and children take beneficial step against bullying then we can save several victims of bullying .

Monday, 10 July 2017

The biggest worry of today's world is nuclear war. Because nations crisis are happened every new day.

So we can't imagine when,where and why nuclear weapon will be use ?

Today's need
Approximately 1/2 of the world's population more than 3 billion people live on less than $2.40 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day. According to unicef, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. 805 million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat.
Worldwide authorities spending lot of money on weapons. Which are harmful now and in future. In addition government's do not thinking about development. How many people are looking for shelters and they are living on footpaths.

Technology and development destroy""
We are creating facilities for advance living style. If nuclear war happen then all technology and development will destroy. Because nuclear weapon attack in three stages.

  • Earth will be unfertilize.
  • Water will be polluted.
  • Environment also effected by weapons and air will polluted.
How can stop this war ?
World's authorities take strong action against crisis and slow them with peaceful way. Government will spent lot of money on poverty, education and illiteracy .They can helps other nations.

So live safe to avoid this type of weapons.